Steel Yourself for Impressive Machining Work

Steel Yourself for Impressive Machining Work

Bring your Texarkana, TX equipment needs to Buzzy’s

Machining – or making parts out of raw materials – is an easy way to improve your current equipment. Extend the lifetime of your machinery when you visit Buzzy’s Repair Services in Texarkana, Texas. We regularly outfit industrial companies with the latest parts. You can use faulty equipment and fall behind the competition, or you can call 903-832-2549 for extensive machining work in Texarkana.

Buzzy’s values integrity and affordability. We strive to provide local manufacturers with inexpensive service. Ask us about our Texarkana-made parts, which include:

  • Steel adapters
  • Threading shafts
  • Machine fittings

We can even refit and resurface parts specifically for your machines.

We don’t mean to boast, but our welding is topnotch

Looking for superior welders in Texarkana, Texas? Buzzy’s Repair Services has you covered. In addition to providing hydraulic and forklift repairs, we offer welding services. We’ll take your customized parts and install them on current machinery. Contact us at 903-832-2549 for welding details.