Nothing Is Garbage About Buzzy’s Repair Services

Nothing Is Garbage About Buzzy’s Repair Services

Our Texarkana, TX mechanics won’t disappoint you

Imagine the convenience of servicing all your machinery at one repair shop. Buzzy’s has more than 40 years of experience, so chances are we have a solution for your baler or compactor. While you’re requesting welding and machining projects, let us inspect your trash compactors and balers.

A trash compactor is only an asset until it breaks down. Continue reducing trips to the landfill when you call 903-832-2549 for Texarkana, Texas compactor repair. We’ll present you with a new and improved compactor that runs more efficiently.

Buzzy’s can always bale you out in Texarkana

You thought recycling would make your company ecofriendly, but your cardboard baler has caused multiple problems. Here are three reasons your baler might be struggling:

  • Lack of preventive maintenance
  • Low-quality hydraulic system
  • Uneven baler feeding

Lighten the load on your baler and contact Buzzy’s for baler repair. We look forward to helping you recycle with ease.